I wanted to start by saying how grateful we have been for your school and the staff. Max is always welcomed, no matter how busy the morning is. The children and staff have invited him in with open arms, even considering he is the only new student in the guppy room. This speaks volumes to the school community you have built. Maximus has taken big strides in only TWO weeks. He is talking a lot more, his mood has shifted for the better, he is also more social and sharing outside of school now. He asks for school “ool” on his days off. I know that you have waitlists for your school because there really is NOTHING like it in Orange County. I searched high and low for a school just like yours, as an ex-educator the choice of where to send my child to school was the most important decision I had to make. I was also NOT looking in the city of San Clemente until we met another family (from Aliso Viejo) who were attending your school, otherwise I might not have stumbled upon it. Working in various schools provided me the knowledge to see what succeeds and what is ineffective. My journey ended in ABA as a therapist for children with Autism. It wasn’t until being in your school and watching the children engaged with their teachers, and loving it so much, that I am thinking of entering the field again.

I am so comfortable recommending this school to anyone! I never thought I would feel so comfortable w/ my child in the care of others. What a gift of relief.
-Shelly Buchanan

My daughters love going to school to learn and play and they adore the entire staff, as do both my husband and I. The curriculum is spot on, preparing Pre-K kids for Kindergarten and helping the younger ones grow through age-appropriate activities. It’s more than a school, it’s a family, and we are so lucky to be a part of that family!
-Wendy Gonchar-Hernandez

I’m happy with all aspects of the school from the learning projects they do, the playground and amount of outdoor play, the daily written correspondence, and the monthly schedules.
-Kristy Miller

The San Clemente Preschool combines the perfect amount of structure and “school” feel with the relaxed, loving approach of a personal childcare provider.
-Melissa Andrews

From the moment our daughter walked into The San Clemente Preschool for our first walk-around she has been enthusiastic to go to school every morning.
-Kimberly Gibson

I can not say thank you enough for all that Zack has gained and the memories created, we are lucky to have shared some of our most precious moments with San Clemente Preschool and every one there! Thank you!
-Cassie Guiliante

Best decision we made was choosing the San Clemente Preschool for our children! We toured every school in the area and SCP was by far the best choice. Our kids gained so much more than we ever expected and were well prepared when they entered Kindergarten. We miss the SCP but we will always keep the memories and friendships that we made there close to heart.”
-Ashley Green

Our son was excited right away when he saw all of the toys and the huge playground. The classrooms were clean, bright and organized and the teachers were conducting group time when we toured the school. Our son did not want to leave and that is when we knew this was the right fit for us. It has been one year now and we are very pleased with the program.
-Amy Campbell

San Clemente Preschool is awesome! Wonderful, caring teachers make the kids and us feel right at home.
-Anna Naples

I love the days I can drop off my son by walking him up the street and I an pick him up and walk home with him. The owners are “real” people and treat my son like he’s family. I would have been lost without this school. I only wish he could continue to go there after he started kindergarten.
-Jason Hardman

I love San Clemente Preschool. It is the best preschool in San Clemente. I love the downtown location and the friendly staff. The cozy and casual feel is awesome. My kids never want to leave!
-Laura Waggoner

I am a single mother of an amazing daughter who’s father passed when she was only 4 months old. Prior to San Clemente Preschool she had only been watched by immediate family & not often at that. I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter adjusted immediately. Even more pleased that I was at ease leaving her in their care. Knowing her first school experience was going to set the tone for her entire school career, my expectations were high. I knew this was the perfect fit the moment I walked in & met w/ Cassie, Heidi & the staff. I wanted my daughter to be influenced by loving, caring individuals that took pride in academics, social skills & family values. San Clemente Preschool exceeded all of my expectations. We could have never dreamt of a better experience. Not to mention my decision was beyond difficult considering my sister teaches at another local preschool in San Clemente w/ a wonderful reputation. However, I had to go with my gut. I am & will forever remain grateful for all they have given my daughter.
-Miranda Berkman

San Clemente Preschool has an amazing staff, age- appropriate curriculum and has a warm and nurturing atmosphere. My daughter Sophia who is age 3 just finished her second year there and look forward to continuing her education at SCP until kindergarten. The location is great, drop off are so easy for busy parents and I leave there everyday knowing my daughter is getting the best care possible. Hats off to the staff for making the school such an amazing place.
-Stephanie Harrelson

We love San Clemente Preschool!!! – My daughter has only been there a couple of months, she really enjoys it! I like the daily reports and art projects she brings home. The staff is beyond friendly and very caring. Were very picky when looking for a preschool for her, since she had only been cared for by family members… and feel we definitely made the right choice by enrolling her in SCP.
-Gabby Avelar

San Clemente Preschool rocks! My son just graduated Pre-K, and still attends the summer program. He loves going to school there, the teachers are amazing, and he has learned so much more than I expected from a preschool.
-Heidi Schantz

San Clemente preschool is awesome! The directors and staff are amazing. I feel truly blessed to have my child going there. My child is almost ready for kindergarten due to their teaching skills and she still has two years before she goes. I also feel very confident that my child is being cared for very well. We Love San Clemente Preschool!
-Tye Plummer

The teachers and staff are very kind and caring. They have a wonderful way of working with the children and take great care in educating and helping them learn. I grew up at this school and like how much love and care the teachers and staff have for the school and the children.
-Christina Buchanan

San Clemente Preschool is fantastic. My granddaughter goes there and she loves it. She was a little shy at first, but the staff and teachers at this wonderful school have helped her to feel completely at home. Everyone is super friendly and I truly feel she is in the best school in town.
-Rose Pennington

San Clemente preschool is an excellent choice to give your child the best care! The school is centered around a loving and caring approach to learning. The closest place to “home” your child could be!
-Kim Smith

The San Clemente Preschool is awesome, they treat you like family.
-Christina Shanklin

Our family loves San Clemente Preschool. I’m sad that I can’t award them more stars because they’ve earned it. My daughter enrolled a little over a year ago and it is truly amazing how much she has grown from day one. She went from very shy to social butterfly with the help of the amazing teachers and staff. They do a fantastic job creating a warm and loving environment for the kids to learn, play and build friendships. Hats off to the wonderful SC Preschool Team.
-Stephanie Harrelson

My husband and I adore San Clemente Preschool and the teachers there. We have three sets of friends who recommended them, and although from the outside it doesn’t look that nice once you go inside it’s a great setup. We started our son this past June when he turned two and we were both a little nervous. Every teacher there – including the ones in the older grades and both directors – were so sweet and reassuring. They made us feel very comfortable. Our son loves his teacher Miss Lindie. I’m happy with all aspects of the school from the learning projects they do, the playground and amount of outdoor play, the bathrooms, the daily written correspondence, and the monthly schedules. They combine the perfect amount of structure and “school” feel with the relaxed, loving approach of a personal childcare provider.
-Amy Guilfoile

My 2 daughters currently attend The San Clemente Preschool after previously attending a very costly private school. My oldest daughter had a really difficult time adjusting to the private school. From the moment she walked into The San Clemente Preschool for our first walk-around she has been enthusiastic to go to school every morning. The teachers are young and have a ton of energy. They are so easy to talk to. My kids have a blast. Just as wonderful is their flexibility. I don’t know that they necessarilly advertise this, but they have allowed my children’s schedule to change with almost no notice. I know other parents can appreciate this. My children have attended many schools (I have 3 children) including Anneliese’s, YMCA and Kindercare. This school is definately the best!
-Byran Abee

Thank you San Clemente Preschool for loving, caring, teaching and preparing our children for the the next chapter in their lives! We absolutely adore you all!
-Wendy Hernandez