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About Us

San Clemente Preschool was originally opened by my family in 1956. Nestled in its historic downtown location, it was San Clemente’s first preschool. In 2002 I was presented the opportunity to open the new San Clemente Preschool. The timing was perfect. I had just completed graduate school earning my Masters Degree of Science in Education and I had children of my own that needed childcare.

I founded the new SCP on what I wanted for my own children; a safe, warm, and loving atmosphere, in a fun and educational environment. The SCP is the ideal size preschool. It is not too big or too small, but just right. Parents and their children feel comfortable and at home at the SCP. Each teacher and staff member was chosen specifically for their continued dedication in childhood development, and for their applicable abilities and qualities.

My goal as a childcare provider is based on what is going to be best for your children.

  • I believe that preschool provides the structure and consistency that is essential for young children.
  • I believe that play has a purpose.
  • I believe that social interaction is a key factor in a child’s development.
  • I believe every child benefits from preschool and needs preparation in order to become a confident Kindergartner.

Being the owner of the SCP has been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience of my life. I feel tremendously

blessed everyday for this opportunity to share in the lives of so many families and to contribute to our amazing community!

Kind Regards,
Heidi Pitkin
San Clemente Preschool

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